Thursday, May 23, 2013

The uniqueness of the Bay Area.

This post could go on and on. I've been a Bay Area girl for nearing 20 years- 2/3rds of my existence. It's home.

From Los Gatos (my parent's domain) to Palo Alto (our current locale) to San Francisco ( my old stomping grounds) to everywhere in between, you can't go wrong! I think Nor Cal blends the best of the sun, the snow, the trails, the hills, the city, the little historic towns (LG, Saratoga, San Jose, obv San Francisco) and the more modern newly created town flairs (think Willow Glen, Santana Row, not a town, but you know...). This is like the least researched post ever! Who knows how long these places have been around. Packing has me in zombie state. Maybe that is what this post is really about.

Here's a little pic to illustrate Palo Alto charm. An uphill bike rack deal thing. Yep, that IS the official name. Cool, no?! ;) 

Ok, the point of the post is that I'm a Bay Area girl at heart. Cliche and true. 

 One day I'll be in Hawaii and maybe you will like my posts more then. Or, maybe you won't. Shame on you. 
I have so much self confidence that even if this is my vain space of the net, I'm content. I'm so vain, I do think that song is about me. 

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