Monday, May 6, 2013


Now the real fun begins.

Swirling around in my head are things such as the following:

---What do I do with all my warm J.Crew sweaters?
(I have already taken about half of my wardrobe to the Goodwill!)

--- Is there an Ikea and HomeGoods stores on Oahu?
*this is actually my Mom's (first) question! We have joked with her for years that she should be in the business of moving people in and organizing their stuff! She has a real knack for arranging smaller spaces after her help in moving kids into college dorms, post-college places, and married housing too.
(Ps--The answers to the above questions re Ikea- NO, HomeGoods- yes!)

---Will we ship a car out there?
(Now we have this emotional battle going on inside of Andrew regarding his need to keep his cool souped up Jeep. No really, it is very cool and would be an ideal Island type car. One issue is that I don't/ can't drive a stick shift. We would need a second car. Stay tuned to see how the car situation turns out. Pins & Needles, I know... ;)

---Where will we live?!
(Um, this is kinda the MAIN one, but a boring one to write about. I will definitely post pictures once we get there! and thank goodness we already live in a place where rent is astronomical, bc it makes this skyrocket rent not seem so crazy! )

---How can I possibly have enough time (I don't!) to see all the people I love here in California before I go?
(The answer to this is that it's all happening so fast and I won't be able to see everyone I want to see. So, there will be plenty of trips back home. Also, everyone can visit! Please, pretty please VISIT!)

I'm not great at logistics. I am more the
"Oh, it'll all just come together" person. (My little sister, the serious planner person can attest). Perhaps my laid back attitude will fare me well on the Island.


  1. I vote you learn to drive stick! Bruce taught me when we were dating. It's fun and a great skill!

    1. Oh, Andrew tried to teach me to drive stick when we were dating too! The Jeep is older, so it's trickier to drive. I'm not sad about it, it is Andrew's love and I have no problem having it join us in Hawaii :)

  2. If the company moves you and you don't have much stuff, ship both cars.

    1. Mom--- the company will move us, but we are not going that route. We will pack and ship our own stuff and take the $$ from Andrew's company which they offer in lieu of the movers. With that $$ we can ship both cars. We should do that as soon as possible bc they can take up to three weeks to arrive. I will discuss the logistics of this with you soon.... :)