Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The most special of special teachers.

So here is the thing: All teachers are special, right? Sure. Well then, Special Education teachers are beyond measure the most Special of the Special.  (all these S's are capitalized to show just how special)
(..... and p.s. I know ALL teachers are the best.)

Now THIS group (pictured here) is the very most Special of the Special in Special Ed and that, my friends, is really about as Special as anyone may come: 

I met these three about two years ago as I began a teaching position at a great, yet challenging non- public school in Palo Alto where multiple school districts send their  most challenging students to be taught for a time period (long or short). Many of these students have severe behavioral challenges that lead them to a more restrictive setting with a specialized (see, there's that word again) staff to meet their educational needs. This group of teachers is TOUGH! They have seen the worst of some students and they keep loving & teaching them anyway. That is actually a huge life lesson that I took away from the staff at this school. Something horrific would happen one day--- a student hits you in the nose, kicks another student in the shins, spits in another staff's face and pees in the schoolyard (you laugh, but it has happened). That day you are probably a little frustrated with the kid. Ok, maybe "little" is an understatement--- you may be quite frustrated with this particular kid on this particular day. Well, that school day ends, the kid rides the bus home, you go home and when you both arrive back at school the next morning you (mostly) forget about the day before. It's forgiven and you start anew. Now of course you try to learn from each of these experiences and make them opportunities to teach your kids responsibility for their actions etc. Seriously  though, I was always struck by this profound concept of moving on. Wouldn't life be generally more pleasant if more of us would just move on... It opens the world up to more of the good stuff. 

A baby shower of one of our teacher girls! 
 One of our many fun-filled happy hours (diet cokes for me!) 

                                I will always hold a "special" place for these girls in my heart. 

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