Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Greatest bread. Ever.

 I admit, for about half our Hawaii trip while Andrew was interviewing I was pretty hesitant on the Hawaii move. It's difficult to feel a sense of normalcy when you are cruising Waikiki day after day among people doing all things vacation. And, in one of the most laid back, chill places on the planet at that.

The second part of the trip, on the weekend, we got real. We drove out to our friend's place on the North Shore and played all day on the beach. You know, things that are more day to day reality ;) Saturday we ran an 8 mile loop around Diamond head that gave us a better idea of the Kahala and Diamond Head areas. While I don't know that either is an option for us to settle in, it did feel more resedential and doable as far as creating a life in Hawaii. 
To guarantee that life on an island would be manageable for me, Andrew not only assured me that Costco exists, but also took me there to experience it for myself. Costco is one key to life, no?! YES! 
 On our way back to the hotel from Costco I spot a Great Harvest Bread Co. location. My head about exploded! "Andrew, TURN right here," I screamed. Yes, I did raise my voice to a decibel high enough that it can be characterized as a scream. I get pretty excited about things like this. 


  1. Technically your Aunt Lisa can get her own Great Harvest Bread in Utah. But, she has no problem visiting Hawaii at the drop of a hat anyway. And now with you guys AND a Great Harvest, I will be joining her!

    1. Oh, this I know--- of course Aunt Lisa has Great Harvest bread accessible, but I promise you that it actually tastes better in HAWAII! no joke, come try it for yourself.

  2. that is fantastic news! i was first introduced to great harvest in Logan while dating aa long distance and LOVED it! funny and similar story- when i was interviewing for jobs out here in utah, i noticed that there was a great harvest RIGHT next to my work and that is when i said "this is the one!" and luckily i had three choices to pick from and you betcha i picked the one next to GHB!

  3. i can't believe they have GH in hawaii! amazing--meant to be!