Saturday, May 11, 2013

Family--isn't it about time?

The title of this post is based on an old, classic Mormon ad series in the 90's I think and it was pretty clever. They had scenarios like where a father realized it was more important to play baseball with his son than spending time working on his computer in the house. The tag line at the end is "Family, isn't it about time?"
I think it is about time.... And here we are in Monroe, Utah, Andrew and I because it was about time that we get out to see his mom and grandpa out here and because being a family is about the actual time we spend together! 

When the Hawaii move became official, it felt like a mad dash to figure out how we could see as many family members as possible in a few short weeks. My sister in law texted me telling me that they'd like for us to get to them in Vegas and the only weekend that didn't work for them was Mother's Day because they would be visiting Andrew's mom that weekend. Lightbulb! If we get out to Monroe that same weekend, I thought, we could see Andrew's mom, Andrew's grandpa, Andrew's brother and his family too! WIN! It took some quick moving and shaking  (we made flights on Thursday afternoon to leave Friday) Then, we surprised Andrew's mom! When we walked in the house her face was first confused.. Then shocked... Then happy?! She had her hands over her face just laughing (I think it was joy, not terror, but, you know... I hope..) Our 6 year old nephew literally dropped to the ground and stayed there for almost 5 minutes. Later he told us that he had "fainted" from the excitement. 

We like being a big deal. 

p.s. We love all the kids, however  the youngest was just the most willing to be in pictures with us today! 

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