Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sealing the Deal.

...Little did I know that one year almost to the date of writing about life being this crazy journey that here I am on that crazy journey WITH Andrew, like sealed to him forever and ever. We still have moments where we look at each other and think "HOW did we get here?!" (It is a good "how did we get here?!", where we giggle and are kinda pleased with not only ourselves but the higher power that no doubt had a hand in this.)

Here is a little bit of how we got here.... My disclaimer in the last post is now proving false because here I am again, posting about our la-la-looooove story. Ugh, hmmm. Oh well! Get over it, are you going to be a reader of this blog or not?  We will now separate the real readers from the other phonies out there.You are either in or you're out, so make a commitment and I'll just get on with it already.......

OK then, you are still here.

Thank you!

I will bullet point this section- nice and easy does it:
-Andrew returns from Hawaii over Memorial Day weekend
-We begin a "just friends" type of friendship that really is indeed friendly but nothing more
- The first time we spend time together Andrew brings over a big red bowl of my (favorite) gala apples!
-We ran together most days that week. The key to my heart is to run with me. Everything else is secondary fluff.
-One day it dawned on me, "Maybe you have a crush on Andrew. He is so great!" (in that moment I also thought, who uses the word crush anymore... well, it described what was going on perfectly!)
-Andrew and I had both wanted to see the movie "Moonrise Kingdom" which was directed by Wes Anderson. We are fans of his work. So, Andrew asked me to see it one Friday night. I agreed and somewhere in there the understanding hit my brain that this could be a date, no, this was a date! :)
-the next morning I called Andrew up first thing and said
"get your running clothes on, we are going to run 13 miles!" He was ready to go in 20 minutes....

The rest, as they say... is HISTORY

We were married in the Oakland Temple on the first day in September 2012.


  1. Andie I LOVE this! Cutest story. What a guy to be ready to run 13 miles with you at the drop of a hat. Loving your cute blog!

  2. More postings! I thought you'd only done 2. Now I need to catch up!