Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The present of presence.

Here's the deal: there are many (like many, many) things that I need to work on. This particular one may even be one that I have improved upon (maybe?) in the past couple years, but it definitely needs some work. I have trouble BEING where I am. There are times that I'm with family and I'm also writing emails. Or I'm at church and I'm making notes about errands. I've been at a friends house  where I'm working on creating teaching materials and writing lesson plans. You get the idea.

The people with whom I enjoy spending time with the most are the ones who make me feel like I am the most important person in the world while I am with them. I realize that these kind of people make each person feel that way. You can see it in their eyes. They are engaged in the things you are saying and truly interested. You feel valued, appreciated, like they are indeed tuned in 

Passionate athletes are ones that I see to be completely 100% plugged in to the sport in which they are training/competing in. Other thoughts may come, but I'd guess that block those out. They they are "all there", "in the zone"....  

 To be fully present in both the activity  and the people who you are with is a gift to them and to yourself, and it is a practice which requires practice. 
I will keep practicing. 

I will also mention that this genre of blog is in title about Hawaiian life for the Andie and Andrew Rich family, but it may veer elsewhere, ESP now, before the Hawaii move! 

My little sister gets a kick out of my sometimes fairly eccentric outfits and has made a request for a outfit post or two. Even for comedic relief alone, the request may be granted at some point in time. Stay tuned... 
Love you, Paigey... You're welcome. (We'll see) 

Now go be where you are, be all there. 


  1. Yes, now that I've been too busy to keep up my own blog, maybe I will just volunteer to guest post you and Paigey's blogs!