Sunday, May 5, 2013

The things you miss the most

ONE of the things that we will miss most in California is the sweet little Primary class which we teach at church each Sunday. They are 7 years old and you should see how cute they are AND not only are they seriously darling, they are whip smart. Nothing gets by these guys. I love that they ask "on the ball" questions all the time.

Also, they are quite an affectionate crew. Today, one of the girls was sitting with Andrew and had her head on his shoulder. It was sweet.

The couple who will take over the class in our absence came to class to check things out today. It is also a husband/wife team fairly newly married/no kids. I was pleased that our kids will be left in good hands. As I was teaching, a kid came to the board and wrote up this (in picture) "Welcome New Teachers". See what I mean, these guys are little gems!

Children are the most lovable beings on earth (& the most challenging at times). I always feel grateful to be among them.

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