Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hawaiian kids.

... Ok, quell the excitement now, there are not Hawaiian kids which WE have produced in the near foreseeable future. We do, however, have nieces and nephews! These three pictured below lived near us in Palo Alto so they are the Rich family nieces and nephew I know the best. Thank goodness I married a guy whose siblings have children. That is how I became an immediate aunt, and I highly recommend aunthood. It has some of the perks of parenting with zero struggle or frustration. Some favorite activities with these munchkins are trips to 7-11 for ring pops, biking in empty parking lots, dancing to pop songs in the living room and other general playfulness.

On our last visit to Hawaii for Andrew's interviews we got very few souvenirs. Perhaps in the hopes that we would be back, but mainly because we didn't want to carry lots back to the mainland. We did get these Hawaiian outfits for the kids. They are of the dress up variety. Their mom says they can wear them over their swimsuits this summer to get good use out of them--perfect!

Without further ado, please behold the cuteness of these guys. They kill me, I just love em so much!

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  1. Gosh it was sad enough to see Jake, Chloe and Hayden leave the Bay Area and now you guys!