Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day shenanigans.

I have a mom and mother-in-law who rock! Seriously. Happy Mother's day to them and all the moms who rock my world and teach me tons about the beauty and challenge that is mothering.

Today I'm just going to blog it up with photos. Life is too splendid to spend my time writing today. 

Andrew and I with his (almost) 94 year old Grandpa Ivan! He is as dear as he looks. Maybe even more dear. 

This is Andrew! Oh my....heart. melt. 

We spent 3 hrs in a broken down car (driving it, stopping it, charging it, waiting, repeating it) It was obviously an exhausting process, as evidenced

Andrew's mom is a very good mom! And darling too, no?! She amazes in many way, including raising five boys and looking about 30 years younger than she is! 

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