Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Aloha farewells begin.

First, let's talk about the word "Aloha", shall we? Does it mean "hello" or "goodbye"? It can mean both! Traditionally in the Hawaiian language it can even mean affection, peace, compassion and mercy-- that's a lot of love all rolled up into one word. Additionally, Hawaii is often referred to as the "Aloha state", perhaps to capture the loving feeling which the aloha spirit, if you will, represents.

So, if we use Aloha in its form where as a goodbye send off, then tonight was the beginning of these type of "Aloha farewells" before the Hawaii departure. 

This one was with my best high school girlfriends (minus one who is living in New York right now --- boo!) I have known these girls for 18 years. They are the ones who you keep coming back to because they are solid rocks. Mind you, we have all had our ups and downs, but at least one of us is sane to help the others out at any one time ;). Actually, all of our personalities are quite different. It's a fun balance for sure! Who doesn't love their friends they have known since 12 years old?! 

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