Friday, May 3, 2013

Life Unfolds....

Here we go again..... 

Disclaimer: This is NOT a blog centered around the relationship of Andrew and Andie, however I thought that laying a foundation would help us get started with the story of  how we got to Hawaii. From there, our adventures in Hawaii will do the talking, or rather, the blogging.... 

Andrew and his buddy Brandon in Honolulu Spring 2012
Though Andrew and I had been acquaintances for years, we really did not know one another. We were the type that would pass by a hallway at a weekly tutoring program we volunteered at or at church on Sundays and exchanged one line pleasantries and that was about it. We really were not on one anther's romantic radars. At the beginning of 2012, Andrew was helping to coach a girl's powder puff football team on which I was playing. I remember raving about the mint dipped oreo cookies he had made. In fact I was sure that Andrew was trying to get dates, but now that I know Andrew, I know that it is just very him.  When I was grieving a loss, a death of a former student, Andrew rallied the football girls to send flowers and wrote me a personal email. I still get tears in my eyes when I think of how much that simple, kind gesture meant to me. It stopped me in my tracks.... this is a guy who barely knows me, how thoughtful. In May of 2012 Andrew moved to Hawaii. I thought it odd, I mean, "Who would move to Hawaii?!" I didn't even know what Andrew's career was. That was that. Well..... 

I got a text from Andrew a week or two later where he expressed liking a Facebook status which I had posted about running through trials in life, or something to that effect. I always worry that I post too much about running, but it is an integral part of my existence. In a subsequent text another day, Andrew asked if I would be willing to give him advice regarding his decision to move to Hawaii permanently. I told him to email me the specifics of the decision and I would give him feedback as best as I could. I still felt like, since I did not really know him, I could not adequately advise one way or another. 

Andie did a lot of running while Andrew was in HI
In the email where Andrew described the decision he explained that "It just seems weird how the door seems to keep opening to HI." He also had the attitude that he wouldn't take a job in Hawaii because I think Hawaii is perfect, but it was a good opportunity. My reply was something to the effect of it not being the best idea for a single, Mormon guy of his age (ah-hem) to be heading to an island for a number of years, but I ended the email with: 

Life unfolds my friend. It's a crazy journey."

Little did I know.... 


  1. What a cool story you guys have! Hawaii, here comes the A Team! (and subsequent visits by yours truly)

  2. yay for hawaii! yay for this new blog! yay for love! just YAY!

  3. Loving this blog so far, you have such a great voice in your writing. Keep it coming!